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Transformative Online Visual Field Testing at Your Fingertips

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Visual Field Tests Performed
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Clinics Use MRF Worldwide

World leading Online Vision Testing

Vision Monitoring with MRF Technology

Experience Vision Evolution with MRF

Key Features


Validated against gold standards
Registered with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA, ARTG: 282166) Australia, MedSafe (NZ), MHRA (UK) and CE Marked as a perimetry device.

Assisted Progression Trend (APT) Analysis

Unique progression analysis to monitor glaucoma change

Clinic and Home Based Use

Web Cam

Patent pending Web Camera Technology - To ensure optimal testing condition (including viewing distance monitoring, background lighting condition, gaze monitoring etc.)


Standard testing protocols (24-2, 10-2, 30-2, Binocular Esterman equivalent, 24-2 rapid test, Neurological field test and visual acuity tests).
Voice guidance in 12 languages.
Offline mode for testing without network connection.

Small Foot Print

low startup and running costs


Web browser based perimetry

Unique Vision Tests

Designed for detecting visual acuity change in different vision conditions (including low contrast and noise VA)


Data storage

Transform Your Clinic with MRF Vision Testing System

Join us in revolutionizing chronic eye disease management with groundbreaking MRF technology. Conduct visual field tests conveniently from any device, breaking barriers for early intervention and improved outcomes. Let’s shape a clearer, brighter future together.

Setting the Gold Standard in Portable Perimetry

MRF โ€“ Pioneering Home Monitoring for Glaucoma and AMD

Login and Start Vision Testing:
A Step-by-Step Guide



Our partnership with the MRF Visual Fields team has been transformative for both our patients and practitioners. Their unwavering dedication to continuous improvement keeps our practice at the cutting edge of innovative eye care technology. We wholeheartedly recommend MRF for a superior and evolving optometric experience.

Mr Lawrie Jacobson

Eyecare Director - Bailey Nelson Optometrists


We are very pleased to have the Melbourne Rapid Fields โ€“ its portability is a real advantage โ€“ you can easily take it to a domiciliary visit, or the patient can use the application at home on their iPad – and patients find it quite simple to follow the audible instructions. The company provides excellent service and this continues after purchase โ€“ so important. An Australian product that is certainly worth looking at

Eyecare Plus Optometrist Cranbourne, Melbourne, Australia


MRF made me feel less anxious knowing my visual field was ok prior to attending Eye Hospital

DM 59 M glaucom



The test was easy and simple to perform

JB 25 M glaucom



This application has been a life saver. I discovered I had Glaucoma after a routine visit to my optometrist

Dr Kunal Singh, India



Currently patients have visual field tests ordered on an as needed basis due to resource constraints of the clinic. Having an MRF test will allow all patients who attend the clinic to have visual field done every time

Ophthalmologist, India

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GLANCE Optical was founded in 2015 by Professor Algis Vingrys and A/Prof George Kong.

Our company specialises in the design, testing and implementation of vision related software for portable devices.

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